HyGel Topical


HyGel Topical is a highly unique, patented topical gel covered under patents 9,821,005 and 2018-0042957-A1.    HyGel Topical contains the highest available strength of Sodium Hyaluronate, 2.5%.  HyGel Topical utilizes an Ionic Polymer Matrix (IPM) tehcnology which allows for HyGel Topical to deliver a more potent hyaluronic acid.  The technology also delivers more of the drug deeper into the skin levels for better and more effective wound hydration. IPM technology is a trademark of GlycoBioSciences, Inc.  HyGel Topical NDC is 15014-105-40.

Ulcer and Wound Application of HyGel Topical

Prior to application of HyGel Topical, ulcer or wounds should be cleaned with normal saline solution.  Other cleaned agents are not recommended.  Debridement (surgical cleaning) of the ulcer or wounds may be performed at the discretion of a healthcare professional.  Excess moisture should be removed using dry gauze.  HyGel should be applied liberally into the cavity of the ulcer or wounds and to the surrounding area.  After applying HyGel Topical, a non-stick gauze dressing (telfa pad or other suitable non-stick pad) should be placed on the wound site.  A self-adhesive bandage or suitable tape adhesive should be wrapped over the non-stick gauze dressing.  The entire process of would cleaning, applying HyGel Topical, the application of a suitable covering and the bandaging of the area should be repated daily. 


HyGel Topical is indicated for the management and relief of burning, itching, and pain associated with various types of dermatoses; including atopic dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, and radio-dermatitis.  HyGel Topical should be applied directly and liberally to dermatoses a minimum of 2-3 times daily.

The HyGel Topical Difference...

One of the primary differences between HyGel Topical and other wound applications is that HyGel Topical has an active ingredient with documented clinical significants.  Other prescription products don't have an active ingredient, or use water or certain oils as their primary ingredient.


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