Utilizing IPM Technology


HyGel Topical

HyGel Topical is a highly unique, patented topical gel covered under patents 9,821,005 and 2018-0042957-A1.    HyGel Topical contains the highest available strength of Sodium Hyaluronate, 2.5%.  HyGel Topical utilizes an Ionic Polymer Matrix (IPM) tehcnology which allows for HyGel Topical to deliver a more potent hyaluronic acid.  IPM technology is a trademark of GlycoBioSciences, Inc.  HyGel is distributed by AWC Medical

Ulcer and Wound Application of HyGel Topical


1. First, clean the ulcer or other wound with normal saline solution (other cleaning agents are not recommended). Normal saline solution can be obtained through your location pharmacy.

NOTE: Debridement (surgical cleaning) of the wound may be performed at the discretion of the healthcare professional.

2. Remove excess moisture with a dry gauze.

3. Apply HyGel liberally into the cavity of the ulcer or wound site and the surrounding area.

4. Apply a non-stick gauze dressing over the wound site.

NOTE: Once HyGel is applied the gel should not be touched.

5. Finally, wrap a self-adhesive bandage over the non-stick gauze dressing.

6. Repeat the entire process of wound cleaning, applying HyGel, and bandaging daily, or as needed.

7. Visit a healthcare professional as recommended.

Burning, Itching, and Pain Associated with Various Dermatoses


For Dermatoses;

1. Using a few gentle strokes to smooth the gel across the skin in the same direction as hair growth, apply to the affected areas of the skin on a regular basis and as often as required.

2. If necessary, allow time for any excess to penetrate into the skin. Do not rub the skin vigorously.

3. You can apply HyGel before and after washing; showering or having a bath to help condition your skin and stop it from drying further.

4. If you are applying another topical treatment to the same areas of skin, try to avoid mixing the two products. You may choose to apply the treatments alternately, leaving sufficient time to allow the previous application to penetrate the skin.

The HyGel Topical Difference...

One of the primary differences between HyGel Topical and other wound applications is that HyGel Topical contains (sodium hyaluronate) 2.5% .  Other prescription products don't have an active ingredient, or use water or certain oils as their primary ingredient.


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